LA 447 Roundabouts and Corridor Study

Project Details
Cost: $5 million to $7.5 million
The LA 447 Corridor Study is a large "umbrella" project which includes many smaller projects.  The LA 447 Corridor Study will evaluate alternatives to improve the mobility and safety of vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic along the LA 447 corridor. The proposed northern limit of the study is at the railroad tracks near Keith St. The proposed southern limit is the intersection of LA 447 and LA 16. The overall length of the corridor is approximately 10.2 miles.

This project includes three alternatives: Alternative 1- Roundabouts, Alternative 2- R-Cuts, and Alternative 3- No-Build. Each of the Build Alternatives would include:
• Partial Cloverleaf Ramps at I-12
• Widening of I-12 Overpass
• Realignment of existing roadway between LA 16 and Crotwell Road.
• Intersection Improvements at various locations
• Widening of existing roadways at various locations
• Relocating intersection at Milton Lane/Miller Road

Roundabouts at I-12 and LA 447
Although this project is independent of the LA 447 Corridor Study, alternatives proposed in this phase take into consideration the overall corridor’s proposed improvements. This project would replace the existing Eastbound and Westbound termini at LA 447 and I-12 in Livingston Parish with multi-lane roundabouts.

The construction of the two multilane roundabouts shall meet the future vertical grade of the bridge over I-12. The multilane roundabouts will be 180 feet in diameter and will be placed at grade. The roundabouts will be built within the existing right of way, and construction phased to minimize disruption. The construction cost of this project is estimated to be $5 million to $7.5 million.

For videos, tutorials and supporting information on roundabouts, please visit DOTD’s roundabout pages at and