LA 3144/Susek Drive Roundabout

Project Details
State Proj. No.: H.008263
Start date:
May 2020

Finish date:
August 2020

Cost: $1 million
Contractor: Siema Construction, LLC.
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DOTD constructed a roundabout at the existing intersection of LA 3144 (Edgewood Drive) and Susek Drive in the City of Pineville in Rapides Parish. 

The project went to bid on March 11, 2020, and the contract was awarded to Siema Construction, LLC. 

A single-lane roundabout replaced the current stop-controlled configuration, greatly improving traffic flow and safety. The intersection is in front of Pineville Junior High School, a residential area, and a church.

Roundabouts are one-way circular intersections designed to improve safety and efficiency for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. They are also designed to accomodate large vehicles such as 18-wheelers and fire trucks.

The proposed project was already presented to the public via a meeting in 2018, detailing plans for managing traffic in and out of the school, as well as how the roundabout would handle traffic volume through the intersection.

Construction started on May 11, 2020, with a complete closure of the LA 3144/Susek Drive intersection required in order for the contractor to safely work. 

The entire project was complete in early August 2020, prior to the start of school.

Additional construction work consists of clearing and grubbing; removal of structures and obstructions; removal and replacement of concrete walks and drives; removal of curbs; removal of surfacing and stabilized base; general excavation and embankment; class II base course; subsurface drainage improvements; temporary sediment dams and silt fencing; lime treatment; slab sodding; topsoil; erosion control; and reflectorized raised pavement markers and striping.

For more information on how to navigate a roundabout, watch this PSA