Adaptive Traffic Signals

Project Details
Start date:
November 2017

Cost: $1.2 million
In November 2017, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, in partnership with Sasol, implemented the first adaptive traffic signal system in the state in Westlake in Calcasieu Parish. The system helps manage traffic resulting from construction of Sasol’s petrochemical project, as well as other industrial activity in the area. The $1.2 million system consists of six signals along the La. 378 corridor.

Communications are collected on a server at DOTD that runs algorithms to determine the amount of green time needed for each approach at each intersection, as well as the amount of time required to keep progression through the intersections. The new timings are instantly uploaded back to the controllers and are run with the next light cycle. The system continues this process, adapting to actual demand.

Sasol funded Louisiana design and engineering teams, Intelligent Transportation Systems LLC and C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates, to implement the system, and funded the equipment, construction and interface for the system. Sasol also coordinated the effort with DOTD, the Governor’s Office of Technology Services and the design team.

Project Documents
Sec Wilson adaptive signal17 mb11/28/2017
Sasol25 mb11/28/2017