I-10: LA 328 to LA 347 (Widening)

The DOTD proposes pavement rehabilitation and widening of I-10 within the existing right-of-way from the LA 328 interchange (Breaux Bridge Exit) continuing eastward to LA 347 interchange (Henderson Cecilia Exit) in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana using federal funding.    

The purpose of the project is to improve traffic flow and alleviate congestion by increasing capacity via additional through-traffic lanes.  I-10 would then have 6 lanes of through-traffic, three lanes in each direction, between the interchanges at LA 328 and LA 347.

Currently, I-10 consists of 4 lanes, two travel lanes in each direction.  The project would include full-depth replacement of the pavement within the existing lanes and widening of the pavement surface in each direction within the existing median with concrete median protection.  The 2-foot depth existing pavement would be completely removed and repaved.  

Pavement striping, raised markers, and rumble strips would also be installed.  A 54-inch tall concrete or cable median barrier would also be installed in portions of the project corridor.  Openings in the barrier would be located at approved median crossings. 

As part of this project, DOTD would construct an overpass for Melvin Dupuis Road over the interstate.