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Districts and SectionsNumber
1G Trucking permits and Trucker questions    - Truck Permits: If someone has a question about overweight, oversized, harvest, agricultural or escort/pilot car permits (somet...Freq, 09
1U Roadside Memorials    - What is Louisiana's policy on roadside memorials? Roadside memorials are encroachments on DOTD right of way and are illegal. Ho...Freq, 09
Accounting    - Contact: (225) 379-1645 The Financial Services section is located on the fourth floor, east wing of the DOTD HQ located at 12...15
Advertisement Logo Signs (Interstate)    - What is the Logo Sign Program? The Logo Sign Program is a state administered Interstate signing program for businesses that pro... ... website45
Alexandria District    - Contact: 318-561-5000 or 1-800-542-3509 A seven parish region around Alexandria consisting of Avoyelles, Grant, Natchitoches... ... website08
Audit Section    - MISSON: The mission of the Audit section is to perform audits, financial reviews and related services testifying to the truth,...31
Aviation Section    - Contact: (225) 379-3050 Our mission is to continue to improve our aviation infrastructure to insure a safe, modern and well man... ... website88
Baton Rouge District    - Contact: (225) 231-4100 or 1-800-256-1875 A nine parish region around Baton Rouge consisting of Ascension, Assumption, East ... ... website61
Bridge Design    - Contact: (225) 379-1438, Fax: (225) 379-1786 Mission of Bridge Design Section To design and detail bridges and related struc... ... website25
Bridge Management Systems    - Contact: (225) 242-4578 Bridge and Pavement Management Systems Provide information on existing condition for the State... ... websiteBMS, 21
Bridge Preservation    - A program employing a network level, long term strategy that enhances bridge performance by using an integrated, cost-effective ...41
Business Services    - Contact: (225) 379-112326
Chase District    - Contact: (318) 412-3100 or 1-800-256-1610 A six parish region around Chase consisting of Caldwell, Catahoula, Concordia, Fra...58
Chief Engineer, Construction & Maintenance    - Contact: (225) 379-153353
Commercial Trucking    - Contact (225) 379-3035 Our Mission is to support commercial trucking as an expedient met...72
Compliance Programs    - Contact: (225) 379-1382 or Compliance Programs Where can I obtain a list of certified DBE's? On the Construction Lettin... ... website37
Construction Audit Claims    - Contact: (225) 379-158440
Consultant Contract Services    - Contact: (225) 379-1989 Our Mission: To provide customer driven services through teamwork and partnership for consultant serv... ... websiteCCS, 80
Contract Services    - Contact: (225) 379-1989 80
Contracts & Specifications    - Contact: (225) 379-148580
Customer Service Center    - Contact: 1-877-4LADOTD (1-877-452-3683) or (225) 379-1232 Email: Hours: 7:30-5:30pm Monday-Friday. Please cont...01
Dam Safety Program    - definition ... website64
Damage to state property    - If you have damaged state highway property such as a road sign or guardrail, and need to make a payment, contact DOTD Legal Depa...47
Disadvantaged Business Enterprises    - Contact: (225) 379-1382 How can I obtain a certification application? Where can I obtain a list of Certified DBE's? On the Co... ... websiteDBE, 37
DOTD Ex-Officio Notary List    - DOTD EX-OFFICIO NOTARY LIST Pursuant to LA R.S. 48:121 a DOTD Ex-Officio Notary has limited authority and may only notariz...47
Environmental Section    - Contact: (225) 242-4502 To provide environmental planning, analysis and documentation in accordance with the National Environm... ... website28
Ferry Toll Exemptions    - 1. All students traveling to/from school (R.S. 17:157) a. Be...42
Freight and Passenger Rail    - Contact: (225) 379-3035 Freight & Passenger Rail: Our mission is to continuously improve our marine and rail infrastructure for ... ... website66
Hammond District    - Contact: (985) 375-0100 or 1-800-545-9280 A six parish region around Hammond consisting of Livingston, St. Helena, St. John, St...62
Highway Safety Hardware Design    - Information on design and details for highway guard rail and bridge rail, ground mounted and overhead signing structures and oth...24
Highway Safety Section    - Contact: (225) 379-1871 Crash Data and Analysis Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Bicycle / Pedestrian Progr... ... website82
HOV Lanes for CCC    - The hours are the same on the weekend and during the week: Eastbank bound: 5a-Noon Westbank bound: 1p-Mid, Mid-4a This ...CCC, 59
Human Resources    - Contact: (225) 379-1259 ... websiteHR, 16
Hurricane Flood Protection    - Contact: (225) 379-3000 ... website64
Hydraulics    - Contact:225-379-148232
Interstate Logo Signs    - Contact Name: Jordan VanGeffen Toll Free: 1(877)309-3078 Phone: 225-752-8640 Fax: 225-753-6603...45
Lafayette District    - Contact: (337) 262-6100 or 1-800-256-1817 An eight parish region around Lafayette consisting of Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, ...03
Lake Charles District    - Contact: (337) 437-9100 or 1-800-752-6706 A five parish region around Lake Charles consisting of Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu,...07
Legal Section    - Contact: (225) 242-4672 ... website47
Library    - The LTRC Library is open to members of the LaDOTD and LSU communities as well as other agencies and the general community, for a... ... website33
Location and Survey    - Contact: (225) 379-1131 For Right of Way Maps Contact Charles Corder: (225) 379-4531 30
Loss Prevention    - Contact: (225) 237-1385 Major Job Responsibilities: Regulatory Compliance (Federal/State) Inspections Facilities...50
Louisiana Transportation Research Center    - Contact: (225) 767-9139 Since its creation by the legislature in 1986, Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) has grown... ... websiteLTRC, 19
Management and Finance, Office of    - Contact: (225) 379-1270 Follow the link to our contact page10
Materials and Testing    - Contact: (225) 248-4131 The mission of the Materials and Testing Section is to develop, administer, and regulate the departm... ... websiteMat Lab, 22
Monroe District    - Contact: (318) 342-0100 or 1-800-256-1595 A nine parish region around Monroe consisting of East & West Carroll, Jackson, Lin...05
Mowing Contracts    - Maintenance Mowing Contracts: District Contact Telephone Numbers Alexandria (District 08): (318) 561-5100 or 1-800-542-3509(Avo... ... website42
Multimodal Commerce    - Contact: (225) 379-3038 Our mission is to continuously improve Louisiana's transportation infrastructure and provide an effici... ... website72
National Flood Insurance Program    - Contact: (225) 274-4347 or (225) 274-3452 The Department of Transportation and Development is the State Coordinating Agency f... ... websiteNFIP, 64
New Orleans District    - Contact: (504) 437-3100 or 1-833-658-0228 A seven parish region around New Orleans consisting of Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, ...02
Office of the Secretary    - Contact: (225) 379-120001
Operations, Office of    - Follow the link to our contact page55
Pavement & Geotechnical    - The primary function of Pavement and Geotechnical Design is to design pavement structures, foundations for bridges, retaining wa... ... website67
Pavement Management Systems    - Contact: (225) 242-4577 or PMS, 21
Pavement Preservation    - A program employing a network level, long term strategy that enhances pavement performance by using an integrated, cost-effec...41
PERBA Express    - Permit Office hours are weekdays 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Internet permits received after 3:00 p.m. may not be processed u... ... websitePERBA, 43
Photogrammetry    - DOTD's aerial photography unit (part of the DOTD Location and Survey section) responds to requests from various levels of local,...30
Planning & Programming, Office of    - Contact: (225) 379-1988 Fax: (225) 242-4552 Data Collection and Management Systems Pavement and Bridge Management Syste...12
Ports and Waterways    - Contact: (225) 379-3065 Ports and Waterways: The misison of the Ports & Waterways Division is to continuously improve the ma... ... website65
Procurement / Purchasing    - (225) 379-1444 Procurement/ Purchasing will assist those individuals with Louisiana DOTD's procurement process. It will provide... ... website14
Project Financing    - Contact: (225) 379-149439
Project Management    - Contact: (225) 379-132534
Projectwise    - David Ringuett...none, 04
Public Information    - Contact: 1-877-4LADOTD (1-877-452-3683) ... website01
Public Records Request    - For public records or documents requests, fill out and email a Public Records Request Form to If y... ... website47
Public Transportation    - Contact: (225) 379-3055 The mission of the Public Transportation program is to improve public transit in all areas of the State... ... website81
Public Works    - Contact: (225) 379-3000 Public Works and Water Resources: "To develop the full potential of Louisiana's water related resourc... ... website64
Qualified Products List    - Contact: (225) 248-4131 ... websiteQPL, 22
Real Estate    - The home page of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Real Estate Section. This site is your gateway to th... ... website23
Rest Areas    - Contact: (225) 379-1969 Louisiana State Maps are available at welcome centers. For up-to-date i...68
Rideshare Companies Permit    - Regulation of transportation network companies (TNCs) throughout the state has begun. Act 286 from the legislature's 2019 reg...Uber, 72
Right-of-Way    - Right-of-way permit If you are calling for a for a right-of-way permit please click this link District Right-of-Way Contacts. I... ... websiteROW, 23
Road Design    - Contact: (225) 379-1343 Mission: To plan and design a safe, efficient, and cost effective transportation system by provi... ... website24
Sabine River Authority    - Toledo Bend LakeThe Toledo Bend Project was constructed by the Sabine River Authority, State of Louisiana and the Sabine River A... ... websiteSRA, 60
SAFETY OPER & INFO SECTION    - Contact: 225-242-467850
Shreveport District    - Contact: (318) 549-8300 or 1-800-762-1852 A seven parish region around Shreveport consisting of Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, C...04
Standard Plans and Special Details    - To view Standard Plans and Special Details click here. To obtain non watermarked copies of Standard Plans and Special Detai... ... website80
Standard Plans and Special Details (Instructions for Acquiring)    - To view Standard Plans and Special Details click here. To obtain non watermarked copies of Standard Plans and Special Detai...80
Structural Construction / Structural Fabrication    - Contact: (225) 379-150540
Structured Training    - Contact: (225) 767-9139 As research focuses on the future of transportation technology and what may be, LTRC's Office of Tech...33
Systems Construction Contract Administration    - Contact: (225) 379-156340
Systems Engineering Division    - (225) 379-155968
Systems Preservation Section    - Contact: (225) 379-1951 41
Topographic Surveys    - Contact: (225) 379-1106; Fax: (225) 379-1860 DOTD's aerial photography unit (part of the DOTD Location and Survey section) re...30
Traffic Data Collection and Analysis    - Contact: (225) 242-2556 or Jim.Porter@la.gov21
Traffic Engineering Development    - Contact: (225) 242-463227
Traffic Engineering Management    - Contact: (225) 242-463277
Transit Resource Guide    - Contact: 225-379-3060 The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) Public Transportation Section has publi... ... website81
Transportation Planning    - 225-379-1214 Highway Program State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Metropolitan Planning Organization...85
Traveler Information    - The 511 Travel Information Service gives updates on road conditions and emergency closures 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. ... ... website511, 56
Truck Permits    - Address: 1212 E. Hwy - Baton Rouge, LA 7080243
Underground Storage Tanks (Materials Environmental Evaluation Unit)    - Contact: (225) 248-4131 Underground Storage Tank Lab This lab investigates and evaluates underground storage tank (UST) sites ... ... website22
Utility Relocation    - (225) 379-144529
Water Resources    - Contact: (225) 274-4171 Water Resources Program Mission StatementTo administer and implement the water resources programs an... ... website64
Water Well Registry    - The Water Well Section of DOTD has been moved under the Department of Natural Resources Conservation Section.64