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(DOTD) Transportation and Development, Louisiana Department of

Vision - Mission - Values - Goals

Vision: To be a leader in moving Louisiana forward

Mission: To deliver transportation and public works systems that enhance quality of life and facilitate economic growth and recovery

Our Values: We are committed to earning the public's trust, holding to the highest moral, ethical and professional standards.

  • People: We respect our coworkers for their dedication, skills, diversity and responsible actions.
  • Excellence: We strive for high quality, ensuring the best product possible
  • Leadership: We embrace our responsibilites and empower our people to succeed
  • Public Service: We respond to the needs of our citizens, communities and partners in a timely manner
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our performance

DOTD Goals:

  • Continously improve the performance of DOTD
  • Deliver cost effective products, projects, and services
  • Improve customer service and public confidence
  • Effectively develop and manage our human resources
  • Efficiently manage DOTD's financial resources

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