LA 73 from US 61 to I-10
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 3:59:00 PM
I wanted to provide a brief update on the project. We have been getting several calls and emails about the condition of LA 73. We are aware of this situation and are working closely with our contractor to make temporary repairs. In the course of the project, the contractor milled off 2” of the existing asphalt wearing course. This is done to smooth the road in preparation for repairs and eventually a new surface. In some areas the asphalt underneath had decayed to a point that it was causing potholes in certain areas of the project. The contractor is making corrections to those areas by installing hot mix or cold mix asphalt at night or during breaks in the weather. With all of the recent rains, they are having difficulty making the repairs hold because the asphalt will not stick due to the water. We will continue to monitor these areas and as soon as it dries up enough the contractor will be able to make more substantial repairs.