Fort Buhlow Bridges and Approaches Project Update
Friday, December 16, 2011 at 1:54:57 PM

The Fort Buhlow Bridge Project is progressing very well. Crews are continuing to work on the footings, columns and caps for the northbound and southbound lanes of the new bridge.

The crews have started and will continue to work on emptying of the cofferdam at Pier No. 14 (Alexandria side). On Rainbow Drive the contractors have been processing embankment for the bridge, dressing slopes and hauling material. Other recent activities include:

• Installing steel girders at Span No. 6.
• Driving of 14-inch piles (Pineville side)
• Driving steel sheet piles for the cofferdam at Pier No. 15
• Pouring column at Bent No. 18
• Driving sheet piles for footings at Bents No. 19 & 20

At 7:00 am on Friday, December 9th, the crews began pouring the concrete seal in the cofferdam at Pier No. 14. The pour went well and they completed pouring 2,984 cubic yards of concrete at 11:30 pm that night. The pour rate for the seal was approximately 175 cubic yards per hour.

Crews have completed 38 cubic yards of concrete columns and placed 5,819 pounds of rebar steel. Twenty four percent of the project is completed. The project is still scheduled for completion in January 2014.