Fort Buhlow Bridges and Approaches Project Update
Tuesday, December 06, 2011 at 10:12:11 AM

The Fort Buhlow Bridge Project is progressing very well. Crews are continuing to work on the footings, columns and caps for the northbound and southbound lanes of the new bridge. The project is still scheduled for completion in January 2014.

On both the Alexandria and Pineville sides of the bridge the contractors have driven a number of 14-inch piles, which will support the superstructure of the Fort Buhlow Bridge. Contractors have been working diligently to get the piles driven and the contractor is almost complete installing the steel girders for Span No. 6, southbound.

The work that has been completed to date includes:

·         Crews have hauled approximately 100,414 cubic yards of embankment

·         190 24-inch steel pipe piles have been driven

·         Approximately 1,420 of the  2,060 14-inch concrete piles have been driven

·         3,960 cubic yards of concrete have been placed in the bridge footings

·         2,960 cubic yards of concrete have been placed in the bridge columns and caps

·         Crews have installed over 970,000 pounds of reinforcing steel