Weeks Island Bridge Update
Monday, May 02, 2011 at 2:08:42 PM

This past week, crews removed the old roadway approach surfacing and base for the north tie-in. Decking was placed for the 225-foot steel girder deck unit, and the formwork from the north approach slab pour was removed.

Work scheduled for this week, if weather permits, will be to continue old bridge removal operations. Crews will also continue setting formwork, placing reinforcing steel, and setting up a deck pour for the 225-foot steel girder deck unit. We also plan to complete placement of a stone base for the south approach roadway, and begin grade work to place a stone base for the north approach roadway.

Crews remain on schedule for completion of Stumpy Bayou Bridge by the end of May. The New Stumpy Bridge consists of three - 20-foot flat slab decks on the south end, a 225-foot continuous steel girder span unit over the middle and two - 20-foot flat slab decks on the north end for a total bridge length of 325-feet with a 40-foot approach slab on each end. The old bridge was 24-feet wide; whereas, the new bridge will be 32-feet and 10-inches wide.

Over at Bayou Patout Bridge

Work is ongoing for Patout Bridge which is expected to be complete this winter. Piles are being driven for the south pile bents and timber fender system this week.