Causeway Interchange Phase I and II closure update
Friday, February 11, 2011 at 3:23:47 PM

Southbound Causeway Blvd on-ramp from Veterans and the Service Road access at Causeway Blvd will be closed 3 am – 6 am on the flowing mornings: Feb 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24. 



·         Southbound Causeway from Veterans – Detour North on Causeway and U-turn north of 17th street to return to Southbound.

·         Service Rd. – Detour to Severn to Service Rd.


There will be no right turn allowed from eastbound Veterans. To access 25th street and the Hampton Inn, detour to Athanea Parkway from either N. Service Rd. or Veterans, then go east on 26th street toward Causeway, then north (wrong way) on Service Rd.  A flagman will be positioned on 26th street to guide motorists.


Also, the left lane of southbound and northbound Causeway Blvd., on the Veterans overpass will have nightly closures 9 pm – 5 am, Monday, Feb 14 – Thursday, Feb 17 and daytime periodic lane closures on between 9am – 3pm, Monday - Friday for the next several weeks.


All of these closures are necessary while crews work on the bridge.


No vehicle restrictions.


DOTD appreciates your patience and reminds you to please drive with caution through the construction site and be on the lookout for work crews and their equipment.