DOTD encourages marine traffic in Acadiana region to prepare for Hurricane Ida
Saturday, August 28, 2021 at 12:55:37 PM
LAFAYETTE, La. - As areas of the state prepare for severe weather due to Hurricane Ida, DOTD is encouraging marine traffic in the Acadiana region not to delay in making the necessary precautions to move vessels.

“We’re encouraging all marine traffic to not delay and move their vessels while it’s still safe for them to do so.”, said Acadiana Region Acting District Engineer Administrator, Michael Deselle.

While DOTD’s movable bridges have stationary and floater bridge operators, marine traffic could see a delay in the time to open bridges and pass through them if they wait until the final moments to move them. Additionally, DOTD bridge operators will not open movable bridges to marine traffic when wind gusts exceed 39 mph.

Marine traffic is strongly encouraged to move any vessels while weather conditions are still favorable.