DOTD is monitoring lake levels at D’Arbonne Lake Reservoir in Union Parish
Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 9:15:00 AM

UPDATE AS OF 6/26/2023 - DOTD is monitoring lake levels at D’Arbonne Lake Reservoir in Union Parish

MONROE, La. - The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is prepared for heavy rainfall in the northern part of the state, and is closely monitoring lake levels at D’Arbonne Lake Reservoir in Union Parish.

Water levels and forecasts are continuously monitored during significant rain events. Decisions regarding adjustments to the tainter gate openings are made in accordance with the approved Tainter Gate Opening and Closing Plan (the “Plan”).

The Plan is intended to maximize the utilization capabilities of the D’Arbonne Lake Tainter Gate System while managing public protection and risk from flooding events for optimal flood hazard mitigation.

(UPDATE 6/3/2023) - As of 8:30 a.m., both gates are currently closed.

(UPDATE 7/13/2023) - While trying to open the south gate in February 2023, the gate opening mechanism malfunctioned as the gate was being opened, leaving it open at only approximately 1.5 feet.

DOTD immediately secured emergency funding in order to diagnose and repair the gate mechanism.

The mechanism was removed and taken via contractor to a specialized repair facility in Houston, TX.

The new mechanisms arrived at the local District office in late May 2023.

During installation at the spillway on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, it was discovered that solely due to an error by the specialized repair facility, the incorrect gearboxes were procured and sent to the site. As a result, these particular parts cannot be installed.

New gearboxes have been ordered, though the timeline for receiving those is approximately first quarter 2024 due to their custom nature and having to be manufactured overseas.

In the meantime, the repair facility is working on repairing the original broken gearbox by using parts from the incorrect gearboxes with the intention of installing and utilizing the refurbished gearbox until the new ones arrive early next year.

The north gate is still functioning and is able to be adjusted as necessary according to the Plan. The south gate is currently closed but is not operable.

The old spillway still allows for the flow of water downstream up to 80 feet, which is considered pool stage elevation.

As a reminder, DOTD does not manage boat traffic on the lake.

National Weather Service gage and lake level forecast can be accessed at this link: