UPDATE: Emergency Lane Closure @ I-10 Eastbound College Drive
Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 10:57:54 AM
BATON ROUGE – On Wednesday night, March 21, Coastal Bridge was conducting a patching project on I-10 eastbound near College Drive in Baton Rouge. According to contracts, nighttime work should be completed before the morning rush hour. However, the concrete did not set properly, which led to an unacceptable pothole forming that could have created an unsafe condition. DOTD had to close the two right lanes for safety and to have the contractor return to the site to make a temporary concrete patch.

“The morning commute was frustrating for thousands of people,” said DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson. “This was supposed to be an overnight job which would have minimized travel impacts. However, when the concrete did not set properly it led to an unforeseen closure. Unfortunately in construction, we have to be responsive and time does not always allow for conditions to remain normal during an emergency repair. The contractor will be held accountable and under state law the contractor will be charged for lane usage fees.”