Important information reference obtaining Louisiana oversize/overweight permits
Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 2:39:24 PM
The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has developed a new oversize/overweight web-based computer permit program. We realize the need for faster, better service. The first phase of the new program will be activated April 1, 2019. On this date, at 6a.m., applications for oversize/overweight permits will be made through the Department of Transportation’s web site at, by telephone (800-654-1433 and selecting option 1 or 225-343-2345 and selecting option 1), or in person.

A new requirement is that all customers will need to create a company or personal profile with DOTD’s Permit Office before they can obtain a permit. (Companies having an active Surety Bond/Cash Bond or insurance on file already have a partial profile which was created by the permit office). The creation of a profile is a one-time event, but it can be edited at a later date. The profile can be created on-line at the web site listed, by telephone, or in person at our permit office. Immediately after creating your profile you should receive your individual password by e-mail. You will need your password each time you order a permit. To assist you, the new permit program will contain an on-line help feature.

In addition to the standard information, all customers must provide the following:
  • Name or names of individuals authorized to obtain permits for you or your company
  • Branch Office information
  • Driver’s License number if private individual
  • An E-Mail address and/or Fax number. F.E.I.N. number if a company
  • D.O.T. number if one issued

Permit services ensure a profile has been created for every company they serve containing the above information. (Permits ordered by a permit service will still be sent to the permit service). A profile must be established by either the trucking company or the permit service containing the trucking company’s information only.

Additional requirements: Permit applications, not requiring engineering review, can only be obtained 7 days in advance. Start dates for permits requiring engineering will be adjusted accordingly.

Extreme loads and unusual configurations will be submitted to DOTD’s Truck Permit Office for review and will be forwarded to DOTD’s Bridge Engineering Section if necessary. Once analyzed these applications will be returned to the permit office to be checked before they are made available to the customer. All applications for these unusual configurations will receive E-Mail notification that their request has been approved or denied. Customers must log into the system and choose the method of payment they prefer before the permit will be delivered. The status of a permit can be checked at any time via the web.

One of the new features contained in phase I will be a map illustrating the potential route generated from your beginning and ending locations within Louisiana. The program will offer you a number of ways to identify these locations. It should provide a safe route avoiding horizontal, vertical and construction restrictions you may not be aware of. For now, every application with dimensions exceeding 15feet 6 inches in height, 16 feet in width, 125 feet in length and 232,000 pounds will be reviewed by one of our permit specialists before it is issued. The specialist may change the proposed route if it is determined to be unsafe or unworkable. Web applications can be submitted at any hour and issued if auto approved. The number of web applications received and the time they are received will dictate when they are processed and returned to the customer.

Customers with limited computer experience should be able to navigate through the program with little problem. The benefit of applying on-line is that many permits will be available at any time. On-line training will be available.

NOTE: The current web-based permit application process will not be available after 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, 2019. The Permit Office will be closed Friday, March 29. Permits may be obtained before close of business Thursday, March 28 for movement of oversize and or overweight vehicle movement on Friday, March 29 through Sunday March 31. All permit sales will resume at 6 a.m. on Monday, April 1. Remember, the first step will be to create your company or personal profile on April 1 or later.