Fort Buhlow Project Update
Monday, September 30, 2013 at 11:53:00 AM
Bridge Updates:

Recently Completed Work:

The concrete seal for the 146’ long, 59’ wide cofferdam at Pier 15 (Pineville side of the Red River) was recently poured. A cofferdam is a partially submerged structure placed in the water to provide an area for workers to build the pier which supports the structure of the bridge. The workers must drain the water from the cofferdam, pour the concrete footing for the pier and finally remove the cofferdam.

There were 2 cofferdams used for this project. The first cofferdam at Pier 14, along the Alexandria bank, has been completed and removed.

Work in Progress:

Workers are currently working inside the cofferdam, removing the mud from the river and preparing for the concrete pouring by pumping the water from the structure.

Future Activities:

Once the cofferdam is cleaned out, the contractor will begin installing steel collars around the concrete drilled shafts. These collars will add extra resistance to counteract the upward forces of the water under the concrete seal.

After this is complete, the contractor can begin forming and pouring the concrete shaft and columns for Pier 15.