US 80 Louisville Bridge Closure Notifications
Tuesday, July 09, 2013 at 1:22:00 PM
REMINDER – The US 80 (Louisville Ave) Bridge will again be closing for construction work beginning tonight at midnight. This second closure period will have the same traffic control measures as the first closure. This includes the following I-20 Ramp closures:

I-20 Westbound – S. 2nd St/Layton St Exit 117D Ramp
I-20 Westbound - Calypso St Entrance Ramp
I-20 Eastbound – Layton St Entrance Ramp

West Monroe
I-20 Westbound - 5th St Exit 116A Ramp
I-20 Eastbound – 5th St Entrance Ramp

Local street traffic control measures, as controlled by the City of Monroe and the City of West Monroe, are anticipated to be the same also.

The first closure period had increased traffic congestion and delays, but only a few minor vehicle crashes. No major incidents occurred. I believe this was the result of a concerted effort by all the law enforcement and traffic control professionals involved. Most importantly, the road users remained patient and adjusted their travel schedules.