DOTD sends proposed projects to RPC for concurrence
Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 2:25:42 PM
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DOTD Office of Operations
PO Box 94245 | Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9245
Phone: 225-379-1836

April 24, 2014

Mr. Walter R. Brooks, Executive Director
New Orleans Regional Planning Commission
10 Veterans Memorial Blvd
New Orleans LA 70124-1162

Dear Mr. Brooks:

As you are aware, the Department previously consulted with the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission (NORPC) and developed a list of proposed projects to utilize Crescent City Connection (CCC) Capital Funding. The final approved list of proposed projects was formally identified in the NORPC Resolution No. 13-2001, dated February 19, 2013. This original list of proposed projects assumed the availability of additional CCC Capital Funds for FY 2014, as it was developed and approved prior to the vote on May 4, 2013, which subsequently overturned the continued collection of tolls. The Department has also separately consulted with NORPC regarding the use of HB 2 capital appropriations for other CCC Bridge and Marine Trust projects that were not included in Resolution No. 13-2001.

The purposes of this correspondence are to outline the Department’s proposed adjustments to the funding sources for the previously proposed and approved projects as well as to consolidate this plan into a single document.

As of April 24, 2014, the unexpended CCC HB2 capital appropriations balance is $9,124,762.25. Of this remaining balance, funding has been committed to ongoing projects as follows:

  • Ferry Facilities Repairs and Renovations Appropriation (HB2 of 2004-2010)
  • H.010721.6 Construct New Landing Barges (construction under contract) (2,004,903.00)
  • Ferries Drydocking and Repairs Appropriation (HB2 of 2007-2010)
  • H.009342.6 M/V Thomas Jefferson Re-propulsion (construction under contract) (540,632.00)
  • CCCD Maintenance and Police Building Repairs (HB2 of 2009)
  • H.972011.1 CCC Police & Maint Bldg Roof Replacement (construction under contract) (410,000.00)
  • Renew Paint Protection US90B Structures (HB2 of 1999)
  • H.010636.5 US 90 Over Miss Rvr (GN02)-Clean & Paint (engineering under contract) (85,725.12)
  • CCCD Miscellaneous Bridge Repairs (HB2 of 2012)
  • Concrete, Structural, & Drainage Repairs (HB2 of 2007)
  • H.010673.5 US90Z: Harvey Canal Tunnel Rehabilitation (engineering under contract) (602,815.57)
BALANCE: $5,480,686.56

It is the Department’s intent to request that the balance of $5,480,686.56, which is not yet committed to projects, be consolidated under the “Misc. Bridge Repairs” appropriation. This would be accomplished by amending the existing “Misc. Bridge Repair” appropriation (HB2 of 2012) with HB2 of 2014 in the amount of $5,480,686.56. Consolidating the remaining balance under this single appropriation would allow increased flexibility in the use of all funds and simplify the process of managing the remaining fund balance.

The Department further proposes that this remaining balance be spent on the following projects, all of which have been previously approved by the NORPC:

RPC Approved Projects – Proposed (Not Under Contract)

  • H.010636.5 US 90 Over Miss Rvr (GN02)-Clean & Paint (funding needed for engineering) (800,000.00)
  • H.010636.6 US 90 Over Miss Rvr (GN02)-Clean & Paint (funding needed for construction)
    Construction Estimate: $9M (CCC funds used to match federal funds 80/20) (1,800,000.00)
  • H.010673.6 US90Z: Harvey Canal Tunnel Rehabilitation (funding needed for construction)
    Construction Estimate: $12.7M (CCC funds used to match federal funds 80/20) (2,550,000.00)

The two (2) construction projects (H.010636.6 and H.010673.6) are eligible for federal funding through the Department’s Highway Priority Program, and the Department proposes use of the uncommitted balance as the match for federal funding to accomplish these projects. The remaining balance of $330,686.56 would be reserved for any estimate shortfalls or plan changes necessary for these projects.

Finally, the Department proposes to use $10.9 million in federal funds provided through DOTD and NORPC, as noted below, to accomplish the following list of CCC Corridor Projects with the use of existing CCC Toll Credits to offset the match for federal funds:

Proposed CCC Corridor Projects using Federal Funds and CCC Toll Credits:

  • H.010719 US 90 Ramp Improvements (Claiborne) (construction)
    Construction Estimate: $3M (Toll credits used to offset match for federal funds)
    50% federal funds through NORPC, 50% federal funds through DOTD (600,000.00)
  • H.010189 N.O. Hospitality Zone Ramp Meters (construction)
    Construction Estimate: $2M (Toll credits used to offset match for federal funds)
    100% federal funds through DOTD (400,000.00)
  • H.009920 Remove Toll Plaza and Reconfigure Travel Lanes (construction)
    Construction Estimate: $3.3M (Toll credits used to offset match for federal funds)
    100% federal funds through NORPC (660,000.00)
  • H.011172 US 90 Business Pavement Marking Replacement (construction)
    Construction Estimate: $1M (No toll credits required, project qualifies for 100% federal funds due to safety category)
    100% federal funds through DOTD (0.00)
  • H.XXXXX Macarthur Interchange Phase II (engineering)
    Engineering (Preliminary Plans) Estimate: $1.6M (Toll credits used to offset match for federal funds)
    100% federal funds through NORPC (320,000.00)

This plan offers an effective and efficient strategy to utilize remaining HB 2 capital appropriations and CCC Toll Credits. By leveraging federal dollars as discussed, the use of these remaining funds and toll credits can be maximized to accomplish several vital projects in the area. We believe this proposal accurately reflects the intent of the NORPC Resolution No. 13-2001 and past discussions and correspondence between the NORPC and DOTD. We appreciate your review and concurrence with the uses of CCC HB 2 Capital Outlay Appropriations and CCC Toll Credits as outlined in this correspondence. I look forward to your response and any further direction offered to the Department by the NORPC. If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact me at (225) 379-1836.


R. Kirk Gallien, P.E., P.T.O.E.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Operations

C: Senator David R. Heitmeier
Senator Jean-Paul J. Morrell
Senator Edwin R. Murray
Representative Bryan Adams
Representative Patrick Connick
Representative Jeffrey J. Arnold
Representative Robert E. Billiot
Representative Walter J. Leger, III
Representative Chris Leopold
Representative Ebony Woodruff